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We know that Sessions is a complex product but no worries... All you need to know is right here. These are the most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Do I need an account to host a session?
Yes. To become a Host and create a session, you’ll need to register.
Do I need an account to join a session?
No. As an attendee, all you need to join a session is its link, which is usually automatically sent to you via email. On some occasions, the Host may choose to send you the session link personally via other communication channels.
How much does Sessions cost?
Everything is free at the moment. So, go ahead and enjoy your brainstorming sessions, webinars, and other online meetings using our platform! As time goes by, some of the platform’s tools and features will become available only to paying customers.
Do I need to download anything to use Sessions?
No, Sessions is entirely browser-based. However, you can join online gatherings via mobile devices since the platform has a mobile responsive version. Read here more about recommended browsers:
Where do I find my sessions?
All your past, present or future online gatherings are listed in your Sessions’ Home. You can also access them from Sessions’ Calendar or review ended meetings in Memory.
Can I split participants into groups (Breakout Rooms)?
Yes. As the gathering’s Host, you can split participants into smaller groups (Breakout Rooms) multiple times per session. Breakout Rooms allows you to create up to 50 rooms simultaneously. For more details, check out this article:
How many participants can join a session?
You can invite up to 250 participants in one session.
Can I record my session?
Yes. Visit: to learn more.
Does Sessions have a Mobile version?
Yes, you can join sessions through mobile devices. You can always create an Instant Session using your phone or start a session you have previously planned via a computer/laptop. We recommend Chrome or Safari as your browsers of choice. A Sessions Mobile app will also be available soon.
Does Sessions have a Desktop app?
Our Desktop app will be developed soon. In the meantime, you can access Sessions through your computer via a browser. For best performances, we recommend using Chrome or Safari.
Is Sessions' interface available in other languages?
For now, it’s only available in English. But fear not! Translations are already underway for French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Portuguese, and other languages. We aim to make Sessions available in as many languages as possible!
What happens to ended sessions?
All the relevant information about your ended sessions is stored in Memory: agendas, tools, participants, date, time and duration, session recording, resources shared, chat conversations, questions submitted, and poll answers. Even your notes remain available. Memory also gives you an overall perspective with valuable metrics and statistics about your past sessions. You and any other registered users that joined your session will find it stored in Memory. Read more here:
Where is all the information stored?
All the platform’s content is securely stored in our own database, which in turn is hosted by Google Servers. Any material you upload here to be used in your sessions is kept safe behind cutting-edge security measures. Your Attendees can’t access them unless you share them as Resources in a session. The sessions themselves will be stored in the platform’s Memory and will be accessible to you, as the Host, and to your Attendees via a user-friendly interactive page.
How do I contact Team Sessions for further queries?
You can always reach Team Sessions at
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