Ultra HD Video and Audio

Everything you'd expect from a top videoconferencing platform and more.

Tools and Integrations

Embed your favorite tools and apps into your meetings and collaborate in real-time.

Interactive Agendas

Create interactive agendas, save them as templates, and share them with your team.

AI Copilot

Create, launch, and manage remarkable webinars in no time flat.


Work as a team when creating agendas and resources. Share them with your organization and save time.

Event Management

Plan and host webinars that are guaranteed to keep your audience engaged.

Bookings and Scheduling

Sync your calendar, share your availability, and let others book a time with you.

Memory and Analytics

All recordings, resources, and data are safely stored in the cloud. Plus, view detailed analytics.

Privacy and Security

Learn more about how we keep your personal information, data, and account safe.


Streamline your processes and convert more leads. Ideal for discovery calls, interactive demos, and follow-ups.


Create more engaging events and get people interested in your product. Ideal for webinars and other major online events.

Customer Success

Grow accounts and increase customer retention. Ideal for onboarding and interactive training sessions.

Help Center

Need to figure out how to do something? Our Help Center has loads of helpful information and tutorials.


We love hosting webinars about relevant topics. You’ll find our library of past webinars here.


Need some inspiration? Our blog is filled with interesting articles written by contributors from all over the globe.


Learn more about running successful webinars and productive meetings that keep people engaged.

Interactive Agendas

Give your meetings and webinars
a professional edge

Create interactive agendas, save them as templates, and share them with your team.

Keep your meetings on track and get more done

Follow an interactive agenda

An agenda adds structure to your meetings, and it loads all your files at exactly the right moment.

Keep everyone on track and control your narrative

Embed the apps and files you need

Choose whether you want to hide your agenda or display it to your participants

Save time with templates

Create captivating agenda templates for your demos and pitches.

Prepare an agenda once and save it as a template

Plug that agenda into your next meeting setup

Cut time spent preparing for meetings by 60%

Work as a team

When preparing the perfect session, it's so much better to do it together.

Collaborate with others from your team

Share your meeting templates and presentation files

Plan events and assign roles to those involved

...frequently asked questions

The agenda sets the pace of a meeting and keeps you focused and on track. At the same time, it automatically loads all the files, tools, and resources at exactly the right moment. In other words, there's no need to click out of the meeting to locate files and share your screen. You can choose whether you want to show or hide your agenda during a live session.Read more

Yes. You can share your own files (docs, links, videos, etc.) and agenda templates within your workspace, and you can also collaborate with other members to create agendas from scratch. Read more

Our interactive agendas are all about automation. You can use the AI Copilot to create an agenda structure for you – it’s as simple as writing a prompt. Once you’ve created an agenda template, it takes only seconds to add it to a session. Or, you can preload agendas to your booked sessions, recurrent meetings or follow-ups. Read more

The right plan for your priorities

Pay for what you need and benefit from the features you’ll use the most.


Our core features will always be free. Ideal for individuals and small teams.


*no credit card

Included features

Up to 1 hour per session

Up to 25 participants per session

Unlimited sessions

1 webinar per month with a custom landing & registration page

1 meeting room with a permalink

1 link for booking appointments

Noise reduction and custom backgrounds during live sessions

Interactive agendas

Embed slides, videos, polls, whiteboard and more.

Chat, Notes and Q&A

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Free trial


Designed for entrepreneurs and coaches who work alone or in small teams.

All features from Free +

Up to 4 hours per session

Up to 50 participants per session

Up to 10 team member accounts

3 webinars per month with custom landing & registration pages

3 meeting rooms per team member

3 booking links per team member

20 h cloud recordings per month

Create 1 unique tool

Custom branding

AI Copilot: transcripts, summaries, agendas & more

Public APIs & Webhooks


Perfect for teams that need to host longer sessions with more participants.

All features from Starter +

Up to 12 hours per session

Up to 500 participants per session

20 team member accounts

20 webinars per month with custom landing & registration pages

Unlimited meeting rooms

Unlimited booking links

Cloud recordings, unlimited storage

Create unlimited unique tools

Custom domain

Zapier & Hubspot integrations

Multiple workspaces


Suitable for large teams with multiple digital products and complex needs.

All features from Pro +

Up to 24 hours per session

Up to 3,000 participants per session

Unlimited team member accounts

50 webinars per month with custom landing & registration pages

Full white labeling

Custom email editor

Dedicated CS manager

Personal onboarding and training

Custom integrations

Custom analytics

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