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In-app Feedback button
Easy feedback is an important feature of the Session app. To use this feature simply go to Base and from there click the Feedback button on the top bar. In the feedback form, you will have the comment section. Here you will be able to add comments about the app and suggest features or improvements. Under the comment section, you will have the ability to include a screenshot with the specific screen you want to capture for your feedback.
Customer feedback and ratings: Another part of the feedback process is triggered at the end of every Session when a rating prompt is displayed. A poor rating will open an additional feedback request form: Your feedback is very important to us as it helps us improve the quality of our products.
Email Support
You can contact the support team by sending an email at Before submitting queries, please check the Help Center documentation for additional information that might instantly provide the required information.
Slack - Sessions Community
Sessions also offers Slack integration. To connect to Slack, just click on the Join our Slack button. You will be prompted to select the connection method: with Google account, with Apple account, or directly with your Slack account. Once the authentication type is selected you will be prompted to create your slack account. After you create your account you will be automatically directed to the users Slack community. Here you can share your feedback with the community or find other news related to Sessions.You can also use our friendly AR2R bot for guidance.