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5 months ago
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Studies have shown that the leading cause of unproductive meetings is the lack of an agenda. It's easy to get lost in meetings, especially when you’re discussing big ideas or solving problems. 


An agenda ensures you have a clear structure that’s broken down into manageable sections, making the end goal for the session more achievable. Sessions' Agenda helps you plan your session in detail and set a time limit for each segment of your agenda. More importantly, it automatically loads all the files (presentations, documents, links, videos) or tools (Miro, Google Docs, Pitch) you need exactly at the right time. Once you've created an agenda, this becomes an agenda template that you can use multiple times, share within your Workspace or edit whenever your needs change.



The agenda sets the pace of the meeting and gives everyone an overview of the session's content. Or you can have a private agenda that you can use as a place to store your keynotes. It’s up to you!  



About agendas

There are multiple ways to create an agenda while in Sessions.  For example, you can:





You design an agenda by adding items to which you can attribute tools, files or links. As the session's Host, you or your Assistant(s) can switch back and forth between the agenda items according to your needs. 


If you choose to add an agenda to your session, it will appear on the left side of the screen. It displays the structure of your session as you’ve created it, the time you've planned for each section of the meeting (optional) and the name of the tools or files added.

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