Ultra HD Video and Audio

Everything you'd expect from a top videoconferencing platform and more.

Tools and Integrations

Embed your favorite tools and apps into your meetings and collaborate in real-time.

Interactive Agendas

Create interactive agendas, save them as templates, and share them with your team.

AI Copilot

Create, launch, and manage remarkable webinars in no time flat.


Work as a team when creating agendas and resources. Share them with your organization and save time.

Event Management

Plan and host webinars that are guaranteed to keep your audience engaged.

Bookings and Scheduling

Sync your calendar, share your availability, and let others book a time with you.

Memory and Analytics

All recordings, resources, and data are safely stored in the cloud. Plus, view detailed analytics.

Privacy and Security

Learn more about how we keep your personal information, data, and account safe.


Streamline your processes and convert more leads. Ideal for discovery calls, interactive demos, and follow-ups.


Create more engaging events and get people interested in your product. Ideal for webinars and other major online events.

Customer Success

Grow accounts and increase customer retention. Ideal for onboarding and interactive training sessions.

Help Center

Need to figure out how to do something? Our Help Center has loads of helpful information and tutorials.


Need some inspiration? Our blog is filled with interesting articles written by contributors from all over the globe.

Wall of Love

Check out what the people who use and love Sessions have to say!


Check out what the people who use and love Sessions have to say!


We love hosting webinars about relevant topics. You’ll find our library of past webinars here.


See what you can look forward to in Sessions and share your suggestions.


We're here to help. Send a message to the support team and we'll get back to you.


Learn more about running successful webinars and productive meetings that keep people engaged.

Use cases

Built for teams
working in

Create more engaging events and get people interested in your product. Ideal for webinars and other major online events.

Here’s how Sessions can benefit your business

Put your product in the spotlight and attract more customers through interactive virtual events.


Attract new customers and keep existing ones engaged.

Fast and easy registration

Create and customize registration pages that store participant info for conversion.

Connect directly from browser

Allow customers to connect to the event rooms directly from a browser.

Stay organized

Coordinate and arrange participants into designated meetings.


Manage customers and invitations all in one place.

Invite your contacts easily

Add and invite contacts to your events.

Automate everything

Have Sessions auto-send branded invites, reminders, and follow-up emails.

Unlimited customized reminders

Control exactly what you want your clients to receive.


Power your presentations by equipping tools to show your research, lead indicators, and revenue goals.

Interactive agendas

Prepare agendas with your favorite marketing and content tools, apps, and integrations.

Collaborative workspaces

Discuss your team goals through joint workspaces and fast-moving interactive meetings.

Shareable templates

Share successful agenda templates with your organization to promote brand consistency and stability.


Build and retain customer relationships through interactive meetings.

Showcase your own product

Pivot to SEO, social media, or analytics software by demonstrating your own product live.

Engage your audience

Engage your audience with interactive polls, media content and Q&As.

Marketing integrations

Collaborate using a wide variety of marketing integrations like Hubspot and Marketo. (Coming soon!)


No more forgetting to send stuff – Sessions does the follow-up for you.

Sync your notes

All notes taken during a session will automatically be sent to your inbox, Notion, or Evernote.

Automated emails

Prepare takeaways: these will automatically be emailed to everyone afterwards, including links to special offers, presentation materials, and follow-up options.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Trigger customer satisfaction surveys and get instant feedback about your brand.


Never lose important information.

Easy access to everything

Give customers easy access to your presentation materials, videos and recordings.

Advanced analytics

Analyze all of your data with our powerful reporting features built into the dashboard.

Export all the data you need

Export data from your events including registrants’ info, chat messages, polls, and questions.

Real-life results

Here’s how Sessions makes a real difference for real customers.


More productive

Sessions has been a game-changer for our business. Our team hosts frequent online interactions and relies on Sessions for our webinars. Sessions requires no downloads and can be easily accessed from the browser, the UI is clean and simple, and the team behind the product is quick to roll out new features. I highly recommend Sessions.

Osama Saket

Founder, PhysioApp


Higher join rate

Online meetings have become an essential part of our lives. However, I was lacking a tool to make meetings more productive, enjoyable, and inclusive. It's cool to see Sessions' way of creating a solution to all these pain points.

Tolga Dizmen

Startup Coach, Mentor, Consultant


More follow-up meetings

Sessions is wonderfully simple to use but amazingly feature-rich! Having a visible agenda, pre-loading documents to share, and the ease of collaborating are all massive strong points. There really is no need for any other video conferencing tool I have canceled Zoom!

Miriam Gilbert

Consultant & Former CFO, Big-4

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