Ultra HD Video and Audio

Everything you'd expect from a top videoconferencing platform and more.

Tools and Integrations

Embed your favorite tools and apps into your meetings and collaborate in real-time.

Interactive Agendas

Create interactive agendas, save them as templates, and share them with your team.

AI Copilot

Create, launch, and manage remarkable webinars in no time flat.


Work as a team when creating agendas and resources. Share them with your organization and save time.

Event Management

Plan and host webinars that are guaranteed to keep your audience engaged.

Bookings and Scheduling

Sync your calendar, share your availability, and let others book a time with you.

Memory and Analytics

All recordings, resources, and data are safely stored in the cloud. Plus, view detailed analytics.

Privacy and Security

Learn more about how we keep your personal information, data, and account safe.


Streamline your processes and convert more leads. Ideal for discovery calls, interactive demos, and follow-ups.


Create more engaging events and get people interested in your product. Ideal for webinars and other major online events.

Customer Success

Grow accounts and increase customer retention. Ideal for onboarding and interactive training sessions.

Help Center

Need to figure out how to do something? Our Help Center has loads of helpful information and tutorials.


Need some inspiration? Our blog is filled with interesting articles written by contributors from all over the globe.

Wall of Love

Check out what the people who use and love Sessions have to say!


Check out what the people who use and love Sessions have to say!


We love hosting webinars about relevant topics. You’ll find our library of past webinars here.


See what you can look forward to in Sessions and share your suggestions.


We're here to help. Send a message to the support team and we'll get back to you.


Learn more about running successful webinars and productive meetings that keep people engaged.

Trusted by 50,000+ professionals world-wide
Absolutely FLOORED!
Tipping point for virtual meetings!
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Bring your sessions home.

SESSIONS is an AI-powered platform that makes meetings & webinars insanely productive.
demos. 1-on-1s. pitches. recruitment calls. webinars. workshops. town halls.
Replace your entire meeting stack.
SESSIONS brings it all into one place.
10x the experience, 2x the outcomes, at a fraction of the cost
Ultra HD streaming
Video & audio conferencing
Smart scheduling
Calendar sync & booking links
Workshops & webinars
Professional registration process
AI meeting assistant
Polls, agendas, transcripts, summaries
Session engagement
Chat, questions, polls, offers
Interactive agendas
Embed slides, whiteboards, videos
Real-time collaboration
Work together live
All streamlined in a unified workspace for your entire business. No more fragmentation. No more context switching.
Sessions was featured on G2's Spring Report as a high performer with a significant market presence in over 50 categories, the most important ones being: Small-Business Grid® for Video Conferencing Software and Grid® for Video Conferencing Software.
Sessions is an absolute tipping point for virtual meetings!
Simply the best overall solution to online communication.
Sessions is an innovative solution that will increase productivity.

Manage and host it all on a single platform

Cloud storage


Share your schedule and let customers book a time that suits you both.

Sync your calendars with Sessions and create custom booking links.

Pre-load agendas and presentation materials for each meeting.

Add your booking page to your website.

Invite your team to help you take bookings.

SESSIONS helps you get the most out of every interaction.

Run meetings like never before


Sessions is ideal for product demos and discovery calls.

Embed your digital product and let your participants try it out.


It has never been easier to create professional online events with custom landing and registration pages.

Plus, showcase special offers live on screen.

Customer Success

Share your availability and let people book a time with you. Follow a set agenda and guide your participants every step of the way.

Discovery calls

Sessions makes it super easy for your prospects to join calls. No downloads of sign-ups needed.


Sessions makes the interview process more organized and is great for onboarding new employees.


Sessions’ interactive agenda, live transcriptions, and clutter-free Q&A will keep everyone on track. Plus, work together live on whiteboards and docs.

Discovery calls

Sessions makes it super easy for your prospects to join calls. No downloads of sign-ups needed.


Need to quickly hop into a meeting with someone? No problem! Send them the session link and they’ll be able to join instantly. Add an interactive agenda and tools on the fly.


Work smarter not harder. Create an interactive agenda for each coaching session.

Want to see what’s possible in Sessions?

Take a quick video tour

Sessions is your ultimate meeting ally.

Maximise engagement and efficiency


Use Sessions across multiple businesses

Create as many workspaces as you need – with custom branding.

Add your branding, set up a custom domain, and create your own tool for showcasing your digital product.

Each team member will get their own Sessions account and can host as many meetings as they like.

Create custom roles and stay in control of what each team member can do inside Sessions.

Invite team members to work together: take turns to host booked meetings, create webinars as a team.

Share agendas and presentation materials with each other.


Connect Sessions with other systems

We’ll handle the virtual
connections, so you can focus on
making human connections.

Integrate with Zapier, Pabbly and HubSpot.

Set up webhooks and automations.

Use UTM codes to track your webinar’s traffic.

Use APIs to automate flows and build capabilities that suit your needs.


Bring your meetings and webinars to life

Capture people’s attention and keep it.

Stay on track with an interactive agenda that automatically loads your presentations.

Add Google docs, videos, slideshows, whiteboards, polls, breakout rooms, and work together live.

Create your own unique tool. Give participants control of the mouse and keyboard and let them try it out.

The original meeting link leads to a full recap of the session: recording, slides, transcripts and more.

Feature your special offers on screen during coaching sessions, workshops and webinars.


Privacy and Security you can trust

We follow a no-compromize approach
when it comes to your data and security.

We’ll never share your data with 3rd parties or use your content to train AI models.

Backed by Google’s trusted cloud storage infrastructure.

All our storage systems are located in Europe.

Lock your sessions to keep unwanted participants out.

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Wall of Love

Here’s what others have to say about Sessions.

Sessions is an absolute tipping point for virtual meetings!
I love how easy it is to create and manage meetings with this platform. The automatic email invitations save me a lot of time and ensure everyone has all the necessary details. Plus, the ability to design custom event pages and registration forms adds a professional touch. And let's not forget about the presentation materials feature – it's seamless and makes sharing information with attendees a breeze. Overall, Sessions has made hosting virtual meetings a smooth and organized experience for me.
WOW!!! I'm glad I went for the Top Tier!
I am in heaven! Sessions is a dream come true! I've had a couple of weeks to work on the platform and I have no complaints whatsoever. I won't get into the details because I have a "session" scheduled in a few minutes, but I will say this: I LOVE this platform. My employees LOVE this platform. AND my clients who I have had sessions with LOVE it too. Super user-friendly. This all-in-one scheduling, meeting, and presentation software is, in my opinion, the best of its kind out there. GREAT JOB TEAM SESSIONS!!!
I'm blown away with Sessions
More than just another Zoom alternative: What sets Sessions apart is its gift of turning dull conference calls into dynamic hubs of creativity and innovation - infusing every moment with a sense of vitality. Its features are thoughtfully designed, like a personal assistant for your meetings. Not only does it transcribe discussions, but it also distils key points for a quick overview, with everything in one place to also access for your clients. Everything is intuitively organized, from event management and static rooms to calendars and all other settings & tools.


Let’s build the world’s best meeting platform together

Sessions is a community-first platform

Meet the Investors

Run online meetings and webinars like a pro

The platform for stand-out customer-facing webinars,
workshops and demos.