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Plan and host webinars that are guaranteed to keep your audience engaged.

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Streamline your processes and convert more leads. Ideal for discovery calls, interactive demos, and follow-ups.


Create more engaging events and get people interested in your product. Ideal for webinars and other major online events.

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Grow accounts and increase customer retention. Ideal for onboarding and interactive training sessions.

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Check out what the people who use and love Sessions have to say!


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We exist to help anyone host meetings that matter.
Whether your business is small or growing rapidly, SESSIONS will instantly up your meeting game in the new hybrid reality.

Meetings are fundamental in business:

Those who master meetings, master business.

Hosting a great meeting takes a lot of hard work and preparation, especially when it’s over and above your actual job.

You need to suggest dates, manage your calendar, send invites, build the agenda, prepare content, check everything, resend links, run the meeting, keep the conversation on track, download recordings, and do follow-ups. On repeat, for multiple meetings.

Worst of all, you need a dozen different apps to push things forward. It’s no wonder that the world is suffering from meeting fatigue.
At SESSIONS, we're building the first platform that approaches meetings holistically.

We’ve created the perfect blend of technology, methodology, and AI.
Empowering you to engage and interact in unimaginable ways.

Ultra HD
video & audio

Scheduling &

Notes, summaries
& transcripts

Agenda design &

Whiteboard &


Workshops &

AI Co-pilot

Praised by world-class early adopter communities
Professionals love SESSIONS
“It's simply a brilliant idea to package into a communication tool all the options that we struggle so hard to find the workarounds for creating the right remote working place.”
Claire DuboisRemote Work Consultant, Paris
Radu Negulescu
CEO & Founder
A word from Radu, our founder
The funding story
Before building SESSIONS, I bootstrapped one of Romania's biggest system integrators, Trencadis. We built mission-critical systems and quickly became one of the big players in the market.

When the pandemic started, we took the initiative to set up a multi-company task force to lend critical support to the government. I invited companies like Telekom and CISCO to join, and many of them accepted. It was trying times and we all wanted to help.

As the initiator, I had to organize our first board meeting—a meeting to define our mission and setup, our top priorities, and our means of operating. This ended up becoming a great learning opportunity and the perfect context for better understanding our new reality of working remotely.

I handled the entire process and managed the board meeting from end to end without anyone's assistance. In 60 minutes online, we accomplished more than we sometimes did in 4 to 6 hours offline.

But to execute it, I worked a good few hours to prepare the agenda and the content, send proper invites, align everyone beforehand, do follow-ups and reminders, and deal with all the hassles that come with the territory. I context-switched dozens of times through several apps and put a lot of energy into moving things forward and aligning them.

The meeting went great, but the government unfortunately declined our initiative. But it wasn’t in vain, because I had a supreme epiphany while trying to set this up.

Good meetings are hard—really hard. They require thoughtful planning and thorough execution. People, tools, and content need to align harmoniously. Good meetings require a lot of work, and often, it’s not actually part of our job description.

I started doing some research and found that nobody, but nobody, was treating the problem holistically. There are countless tools to ease the process, but there is no solution to tackle meetings as a whole—not just online but offline as well. There are no systems or platforms to assist us from end to end in conducting our meetings, individually or as groups.

And that is a colossal problem.
But it’s also the reason why we're building a unified meeting system that will empower us all to host great meetings, dead easy.
With over 50,000 people worldwide who use SESSIONS and a 3,000-member community, we're not just building a product. We're building a movement for world-class meetings.
Our values
1. It’s not about SESSIONS; it’s about the lasting impact we create.
2. Do no harm: treasure life and respect humanity.
3. Do great work that is meaningful and serves others.
4. Cooperation is evolution. Cooperation is fundamental.
5. Embrace chaos. Embrace entropy. Learn from resistance.
6. Mental clarity is bliss. Always strive to maintain it.
7. Think holistically. Progress hides in systems.
Our meeting revolution is fuelled by first-class funds
The team
Our crew is hyper ambitious and beautifully casual. We focus all our energy on redefining
the modern meeting and helping the world become more productive.



























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